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Slowing GDP growth but no recession

The most accurate economic forecaster Sam Kahan of ACT Research delivered his 2020 economic forecast at the 2019 Lawrence R. Klein Award reception.

Supply squeeze for tomatoes? Some fear new border checks could cause delays, higher prices

A new agreement requiring inspections of tomatoes from Mexico could lead to delays at the border and higher prices at the grocery store.

Dean Amy Hillman drives an unprecedented year of giving

Kicked off by a $25 million donation from the W. P. Carey Foundation to establish the $50 million campaign, the business school raised $43.7 million in fiscal year 2018-19.

FedEx fails to deliver on earnings. And that’s a bad sign for the global economy

A disappointing earnings report for the multinational courier delivery services company is especially worrisome for one key reason: It's widely seen as an early warning system for international commerce.

New Business Roundtable statement a welcome change for managerial ethics professor

Don Lange, Lincoln Professor of Management Ethics, studies corporate social responsibility, organizational reputation, and managerial ethics. He weighs in on the controversial Business Roundtable statement.